Monday, November 17, 2008

If You Want Your Guests to Think the Entertainment is Special, You Have to Treat It As Special

The easiest - and perhaps most important - way to make sure your entertainment is well-received is to treat it as a very special part of your event.

What does this mean?

Your guests' expectations of the entertainment are largely determined by your own attitude toward it. If you convey your excitement about the entertainer ("I've heard he's amazing, I can't wait to see it"), your guests will be excited about it. If you are luke warm about it ("Oh, we've hired some magician"), your guests will be luke warm.

The mood/expectations of an audience for an entertainer right before he or she goes on stage plays a HUGE part in determining how good that particular show will be.

Here are a few simple tips for helping create the right mood:
  • Talk it up. As mentioned before, if you drop hints and act excited your audience will be excited.
  • Include some details about the entertainer in your program.
  • Have someone high up within the organization introduce the entertainer. If the CEO or one of the VPs is bringing the entertainer on, the audience will feel it is worthwhile.
  • Time the beginning of the entertainment so that it doesn't conflict with breaks. I've seen a lot of cases where as soon as the entertainer is introduced, half the audience leaves for a cigarette break.
Steve Seguin

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